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Offering/Commitment Pledge Schedule
Church Expansion Project update and Pastoral Message by Pastor Ken – 8/10/2017

     Praise God, this past weekend we have received an additional $90,000+ of new donations and pledge payments. So we have covered the purchase. Let us thank God for how he is moving in the hearts of our MBC people. Even former attendees have been eager to send in money to support this project. It is heartwarming that their connection with us is still “hot” with love.

     In Nehemiah 3:11, 20, 21, 24 & 30 God noted those who made extra efforts in building the wall of Jerusalem. God knows and notes dedication. Praise God for that we have such people at MBC.

     We have met with our Nordhoff neighbor and they are quite friendly. We will meet again with them to continue to build good relationships.

     Much is happening for the members of the Church Expansion Committee. There are nine subgroups handling numerous projects that make up the various parts of the preparation of the house for ministry and the renovation of the church as well. Some of the projects need to be carefully coordinated in order to avoid delays and undesirable complications.

     Let’s pray for wisdom for the Church Expansion Committee, and especially for brother Steven Yang as he oversees and coordinates all of it. Other specifics to pray for include the continuing collection of the money that’s been pledged, needed additional funds so we can meet our entire goal, good relations with the three neighbors who adjoin the new property. Ask God to help each and every one of the Committee members to be alert to stay up to date on the things they need to do, that we will be able to find ways to keep the property secure, that we will hire the right contractors to clean and upgrade the property in various ways.

Pastor Ken Yee


Message from Pastor Ken:
     Perhaps you remember the first kite that you built, using newspaper and paste made from rice. Or the cricket cage? A plastic model airplane or ship? For me it was a bamboo fishing pole, made entirely of parts and pieces that I found as a boy.

     Making things, building things, give us great satisfaction and feelings of accomplishment. It is a part of being a human being made in the image of God. We all want to create, design, and complete things that have value and beauty.

     This is a part of the goodness of our future building program.

     But it goes well beyond personal satisfaction. We have three or more collections of people within our congregation at MBC, depending on whether you use age, culture or time of attendance. Our mutual participation in a substantial endeavor will bind us together. Belonging comes through participation and contribution. Identity is forged by challenge and success. These provide the foundation we need to be God’s lighthouse here.

     The National Heath & Safety Performance Standards tells us that each child needs about 50 square feet of space for activities. While we cannot reach that optimum, we can alleviate the current crowdedness. This is a third value of building.

     Jesus marveled as he watched a widow’s magnificent faith donation. He saw someone who was determined to do her part for the glory of God. She was following the saying of King David who said he would not offer to God that which cost him nothing. (2 Sam. 24:24) That same God now watches to see what each of us, and each generation of us, will do for his glory until he comes with his rewards. This is the eternal value of building, to please God and give him glory on earth in our generation.