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Reasons for the Church Expansion Project

Message from Simon Li, Family Ministry, MBCSFV Church Council

The tightening space of classroom usage and projection of growing needs.

     Since the beginning of 2016, the utilization of classroom has been well over the capacity, with the gap of need and availability worsening quickly as the following depicts:

1. Last spring, we saw that ministry needs would became urgent as to both staff and classroom space with the coming of the middle school class (Grades 6-8). In September, we added, as staff (teachers/co-workers) Michael Li, Ridam Arkangel, David Hsu etc. for them, and needed to use added classroom space on Friday night for Awana & for Sunday school program. The size of the class peaked to 15 students. The middle school kids and their programs are still going to need more space for sophisticated games and media/electronics etc.

2. Last year, Youth Music Ministry (YMM) was established and has expanded drastically since then. This beloved program was warmly received by over 30 kids, age from K to Grade 6. They used bells, chimes, violins, flutes, and piano to learn to praise the Lord. Once a month, this group has begun to present music at the English Sunday service. And they have performed a few times at the all church events also. Every Sunday morning, this musical group uses MPR to assembly and practice. With the on-going addition of young kids joining and all the different musical instruments they are using, we really need more rooms and bigger space to accommodate the growth.

3. Two years ago, Pastor Yuen started a group for our young families, called “Happy Parents”. They meet in Room 114 on Friday night. These young parents usually bring their infants and toddlers with them. The facility in the infant & toddler room is long out-of-date and needs improvements.

     During the past 5 years, we had seen some significant growth with the number of families that we are serving. They have been very supportive and even endured with us through some tough situations. We are very grateful to the Lord and appreciative to these families. During this time, we are also very thankful to the Mandarin Youth Fellowship because they had to change their meeting schedule from Friday night to Saturday afternoon so that many of our family children ministry can use the facility. And this schedule change has impacted their growth and their opportunity to do outreach.

     With all the current ministry demands and the growth of the up-coming K-12 classes in the next 5 years, we certainly need to have more educational and activity space so that our church can continue to equip the younger generation for Christ.

Message from Pastor Alex Yuen:

The need of building church extension from the perspective of student ministry:
     1. Mandarin Youth Fellowship used to meet on Friday night, but was forced to switch to Saturday night because of lack of meeting space. This change not only affected attendance, but hindered outreach as well. People do not like to come to meeting because they have things to do or go out for fun on Saturday. We have not done much Saturday outreach activities since we don’t want to affect regular meeting.

     2. Mandarin Youth Fellowship has four types of attendee: middle-high school students, undergraduate students, graduate students and recently graduated people, about 40 in total. We usually divide into small groups for discussion after joined worship and teaching. Therefore, we need a bigger room and 3-4 smaller room.

     3. From ministry development perspective: Student from China not only increases in number, but decreases in age as well. We had 4 middle-high school students in the beginning, and now have more than ten in just one year. Thanks to Uber service, we don’t have the obstacle of not able to provide ride and the burden of liability. We anticipate more to come.

     4. We don’t have an English-speaking college ministry at this point. It is an area we urgently need to develop. It needs resources both in human power, money and space to develop English-speaking college ministry. Once we remove the obstacle of space limitation, we can move on to develop English-speaking college ministry.