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About Us

The photo on the English opening page shows the Multnomah Falls with a viewing bridge crossing in front of it. The waterfall symbolizes God's glorious overflow of grace pouring down to us. This unique bridge provides a special vantage place to experience the waterfall. It represents our English ministries, with our hopes to bring you closer to God, to see and experience Him in a refreshing way. Our desire is that each believer here will grow and transform through the many relationship opportunities in our diverse and friendly English congregation.

We have many sorts of people here. Our English congregation is multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-national. All ages are present, in roughly equal portions. English is used throughout, American style, Taiwanese style, China style. We are warm and open, helpful to strangers and newcomers into the area, trying to be family and community to all. We provide an "extended spiritual family" to those who come. This includes fellowship between worship and Sunday school, and a simple church wide lunch together at around 12:30. Our plan is to develop a family ministry structure and program to help families be healthy and connected through all ages, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. We are Bible believing evangelicals, Southern Baptists, specifically.

For information about us or any of our activities, feel free to call either the church or
Pastor Ken Yee at (626) 226-9824 or p.kenyee@gmail.com