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Announcements and Events

Last Updated: 7/13/2016

1. Baptism in August. Those who are wishing for baptism or want to join as members by their statement of allegiance, please see Pastor Ken for the paperwork and to set up meetings for instruction and information.

2. Happy Parents Small Group has finished the first series of Parenting Seminar. Group members found the content to be practical and helpful. The Group will resume meeting in concordance with AWANA starting on 9/9 for continuing seminars. Please mark your calendar and invite young parents to attend.

3. 2016-17 AWANA is starting enrollment for new and old students. Parents, please remember to sign up. We also encourage everyone to invite their friends or neighbors who didn’t enroll this past year.

4. Missionary Andrew & Karin Lee – They have been serving in Taiwan for 9 years, after serving in Central Asia. Andrew (recently turned 73) is serving with 3 stents in his heart vessels, and Karin is also retirement age. They continue to lead a monthly prayer meeting for Indonesian Muslims, send out Indonesian Bibles, contact churches and individual Christians all over Taiwan to encourage them to care for Indonesian laborers in their community by giving Indonesian magazines. Let us remember to pray for them with our prayers, emails and love in general.

5. Prayer requests – Jaway & Su Arkangel have moved to Sacramento for her job; pray for their adjustment and new friends and give thanks with them for her finding work. Bobby Lopez requests special prayer for his wife’s salvation and baptism. Pray for God’s mercy and will to be done for Pastor Ken’s sister, who has just begun her final days in hospice care; PTL, she is a believer. Pray for the students returning to school this week and month. Pray for an intern for the English ministry position; for Brother Oscar Yu (Mandarin service), who is suffering with ALS disease; also for our sermon series, “Love Is”. May we become a more loving people as a result.